About CR Group

CR Group works with communities to ensure they are competitive ready

Is This Your Community?

pyramid grfx"Great workforce, central location, low costs, great quality of life."
Unfortunately, it’s everyone else’s, too. The location decision process is often more about elimination than a search for the right location. How do you differentiate your community? Certified sites get you part way there. Then, if your real estate is ready to go, your prospects will begin evaluating their next location factor. You have to have everything right to stay in the race. CR Group assesses your competitiveness on all factors—workforce, infrastructure, sustainability, and innovation, to name a few.

Integrated Approach

Our unique approach combines the corporate site selection and economic development worlds to provide precise community assessments and clear strategies for moving your community forward. You get a “real world” perspective from your potential audience.


CR Group’s Scorecards provide an objective measurement of your competitiveness, based on the standards of your most demanding audience: site selectors. Depending on your needs, we will evaluate your asset inventory, competiveness with other communities, or your readiness to support a target industry. Recommendations are offered for low-scoring factors. If you want to strengthen an already successful program, we offer strategic advice and tools to make you “best in class.”


With a passing score on any of the Scorecards, you earn a CompetitiveReady Seal. This designation tells site selectors and corporate executives that your community is doing all the right things at the right time to grow investment in your community.

How to Get Started

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