Asset Scorecard

Asset inventory based on location factors that are documented and scored

  • Are your assets competitive for attracting and creating industries?
  • Which assets can’t be duplicated by other communities?
  • What are your regional/state/national growth opportunities?

Asset mapping involves documenting the tangible and intangible resources of a community. Assets may be persons, physical structures, natural resources, institutions, businesses, or informal organizations.

10 Categories of Competitive Ready Seal

The Assets Scorecard is a deep assessment, scoring against industry standards and best practices to achieve third-party verification. Each factor is documented, and recommendations are developed to improve the competitiveness of lagging factors.

  • 10 categories of readiness for business are scored (see graphic, above).
  • Readiness factors within each category are given a competitiveness score, accompanied by comments and recommendations.
  • Deal killers—those factors that trump all others—are noted if present.
  • External resources recommended to support actions.

This process involves the community in mapping assets and capacity, building relationships, developing a vision of the future, and leveraging internal and external resources.


You will receive a score, asset inventory, and if needed, advice for raising the score. A passing score is awarded the CompetitiveReady Seal for asset readiness.

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