A 2012 Community Resolution: Fiscal Sustainability

What does it take to create a sustainable community? Of course it requires mitigating environmental impacts of all types, adopting green development standards and managing land use to a balanced mix of jobs and housing as well as adequate transportation and open space.

But what about fiscal sustainability?

Commentary on Area Development's 2010 Corporate Survey

Responses are tallied and the results provide some interesting insight... check out what we finding confirming and glimmers of hope relative to current site selection

Renewable Energy Coming of Age - Part IV

Where will job creation occur for renewable energy? What communities will be the winners in the manufacturing location selection game?

Renewable Energy Coming of Age - Part I

Adolescence is the stage when teenagers begin acquiring social awareness and independence yet are prone to bursts of sudden intense emotion and irrational behavior. Renewable energy is entering its teenage years. And like its human counterparts renewable energy can expect bumps along the road before reaching full maturity. This four-part blog series will examine renewable energy’s growing maturity, market instability including those that stem from the current political landscape, and what the future may hold for domestic job creation. Bumpy road or not, the golden age of renewable energy is over the horizon as the world inches ever closer to a period of explosive growth in energy related industries. We can expect significant global job creation for decades to come but where these jobs land - domestically or foreign – is yet to be decided. 

Renewable Energy Coming of Age - Part II

Interested in what Renewable Energy Sectors are growing? Read Don Schjeldahl's perspective for economic development opportunities.

Renewable Energy Coming of Age - Part III

Politics and Renewable Energy - a critical issue and interesting topic for discussion

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