Business Cases

Industry-focused fact sheets


  • Handout for proposals, client meetings, and direct mail
  • Website content
  • Call to action in targeted advertising
  • “Elevator speech” information


A business case answers the question, “Why should I locate in your area versus any place else?” It makes a clear, compelling argument that your area is well-suited for this particular industry. We collaborate with you on the research and then prepare a finished marketing piece — generally a 2- to 4-page document — for each target industry.


  • Industry knowledge — Industry intelligence on priority location factors, occupations, critical issues and executive insights useful for call preparation and prospecting meetings. We will align your assets to match those industry drivers.
  • Business case data — We will work with you to document proof points. The research is organized in a mindmap, with attached documents and links, so you can continue to update it. Mindjet software is included.

Design and Production

  • Template — A fact sheet template is designed to integrate your brand.
  • Finished piece — The finished business case is ready to print and distribute.
  • Electronic file — Documents are prepared in Word or InDesign, allowing you to continue updating them in-house if desired.


  • Industry intelligence
  • Priority location factors
  • Mindjet MindManager software license
  • Business case data
  • Business case fact sheet (one for each requested industry)


  • Page length — Generally 2 or 4 pages, but other options are possible.
  • Maps — If map is not available, one can be created.
  • Printing — Hard copies can be provided.

More Information

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