Cedar Hill, Texas

High-end community in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Located on the southwest outskirts of Dallas, Cedar Hill is positioned for light industrial and office users that integrate with the City’s thoughtful planning for sustainable development. Recognized for a high quality lifestyle, Cedar Hill has long enjoyed strong residential and retail development. 

What stands out

Livability. Cedar Hill is a high-end suburban community in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. It is a desirable home for executives, meteorologists and pro athletes in the region, yet the diverse housing options also provide affordable living for employees. Situated at the highest elevation in North Texas, the location offers unique terrain compared to surrounding areas. The City and Northwood University are partnering for open space, trail systems and environmental practices; other outdoor attractions include Cedar Hill State Park, Dogwood Canyon Audobon Center and Joe Pool Lake.

Sustainability. Cedar Hill's sustainability initiatives are ahead of the rest of the region and the majority of Texas. The Government Center is an example, with 152 KW installed solar and other green components in the building, including wind turbine, and natural materials used in construction. The City installed the first electric vehicle charging station in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. With adaption of its Sustainability Plan, the City’s goal is to create partnerships for sustainability to avoid burdening citizens with extra costs.

Project Leadership. The Cedar Hill EDC Incentive Policy and economic impact model are best practices for evaluating the merit of deals. Additionally, the EDC understands its regional location assets and can readily provide maps and data to demonstrate its labor strengths.

Sites with Rail Access. The EDC owns available land in the Cedar Hill Business Park, a fully served park with utilities and BNSF spurs at the sites. An additional 63.3 acre site with rail access is located to the south of the EDC-owned business park sites.

Statewide Access. Cedar Hill locations offer immediate highway access to Dallas/Fort Worth and south to the Austin and Houston regions.