CompetitiveReady Communities

These communities are doing everything right

To earn the CompetitiveReady Seal these communities had to achieve “competitive” or “very competitive” ratings in all of 9 required categories.* By passing our rigorous test, they proved they are better equipped to support business than an average community of similar size.

This list will grow as we continue to evaluate additional communities. The CompetitiveReady Seal is valid for 3 years.

Competitive Communities

Cedar Hill, TX Pop: 45,260 High-end community in Dallas Metroplex Seal awarded: Jan. 2013
Ajax, Ontario Pop: 117,632 "What else can we do for our businesses?" Seal awarded: Sept. 2012
Brownsville, TX Pop: 176,862 Gateway to a global economy Seal awarded: July 2011
McPherson, KS Pop: 13,700 Small community that grows big industry Seal awarded: July 2011

* 9 Required Categories: Global Positioning, Business Climate, Real Estate, Business Resources, Physical Infrastructure, Living Environment, Human Capital, Mitigated Risks, Organizational Effectiveness. The tenth category, Sustainability, is considered a bonus at this time. We evaluate this increasingly important category during the scoring process, but the results do not currently affect designation of the CompetitiveReady Seal.