The CompetitiveReady Seal

Third-party verification that your community is ready for business

What is the Seal?

The CompetitiveReady Seal acknowledges that you have passed a rigorous third-party evaluation of 10 critical location nodes. Beyond using the seal itself, you can proceed to marketing your community and negotiating with prospects with precise knowledge of your competitive strengths. The result? A more efficient, effective program. Benefits include:

  • Use of the seal on your website and marketing materials
  • Listing on this website with link to your website
  • Testimonials by CR Group members
  • Potential to be chosen “Best in Class”

competitive ready value chain

CompetitiveReady Scorecards

The CompetitiveReady designation is not an “easy A.“ It is a detailed, criteria-based evaluation. We use site selectors’ expectations as the standard because they are the most critical. You can request scoring on any of the first three steps in the CompetitiveReady Value Chain:

  • Asset Scorecard — Asset inventory and deep assessment of critical factors in 10 categories.
  • Industry Scorecard — Community competitiveness on location factors specific to your target industries.
  • Comparative Scorecard — Benchmark comparison between your community and your competitors.

Enhance Your Success

With a passing score, you earn the CompetitiveReady Seal, and if you truly excel, your community will be highlighted as “Best in Class.” One hallmark of successful communities is their desire for continuing improvement. CR Group to can assist with strategies to enhance your score in incentives, greenscale strategies, real estate and more.

If deficiencies are identified, your scorecard will include advice to remedy the situation. CR Group taps the resources of more than a dozen seasoned professionals representing the full spectrum of perspectives needed to be locally ready and globally competitive.

How to Get Started

Read more about the Assets, Industries, or Comparative scorecards, or Contact Us for a customized menu of services to make your community Competitive Ready.