EDsuite is a web development firm that is strictly dedicated to the economic development industry. We have over 120 economic development specific clients in 13 states. Our goal is to "Serve" our clients needs by listening to them first then acting.

In 2003, EDsuite set a goal of becoming the leading website services company for the economic development industry in the nation. Today, the EDsuite name is synonymous with excellence, quality and outstanding customer service. EDsuite surpassed this goal the old fashioned way, by working with local economic development organizations and providing excellent products and customer service. The strength of EDsuite is our ability to creatively provide efficient solutions for the smallest community, to the largest regional or statewide organization.

When we say we sincerely care about our client's success - we mean it! It's important to us to deliver what we promise on time and on budget - every time! Below is an example of a timeline that we use throughout each project. It's composed of elements that we are responsible for delivering and time allotted for client review. This timeline allows us to be more accountable to you for deadlines and delivery of our services.

Our latest tool set we have developed is our EDsuite Version 3 tools. They are a combination of cutting edge tools specific to the needs of the Economic Development industry and the latest in graphic web design and mobile ready technology. If you would like to learn more about the services and tools we offer, please take a minute to check out our site, www.EDsuite.com.