Retention/Expansion: ExecutivePulse

Business retention and expansion tracking and communications


  • Build better relationships with local business leaders
  • Identify and respond to red flag issues experienced by companies
  • Know where your jobs come from
  • Collaborate with regional partners without losing control
  • Streamline reporting to investors, including ROI


ExecutivePulse is a web-based database and communications tool to facilitate business retention and attraction. You can use it to track progress with individual businesses and analyze overall trends. It can be employed locally, regionally, or at the state or province level. The platform is easy to use, and you have access to 24-hour tech support. Pricing is based on the market area population.

  • Track all activities with a company
  • Track closed companies to document impact of lost jobs and tax revenue
  • Use over 300 predefined reports, and create additional user-defined reports
  • Generate action items with automatic reminders
  • Specify levels of sharing
  • Create detailed profiles of individual companies
  • Monitor status of companies and company metrics
  • One-click graphic options
  • Assign users at your discretion, at no extra cost


  • Entrepreneurial/start-up module
  • Prospect module for business attraction
  • Workforce module for labor analysis
  • Sites/buildings module
  • Customer satisfaction/client feedback module
  • Document management to attach documents and email attachments
  • BR&E “lite” system

More Information

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