Online calculator that estimates incentive zone savings


  • Promote your enterprise zone on your website
  • Provide businesses with real-time estimates
  • Illustrate benefits in concrete terms


EZcalculator is an interactive, online tool for California Enterprise Zones. Users access the calculator on your website, input their hiring and equipment purchase plans for five years, and immediately see an estimate of the sales and hiring tax credits they may be eligible to receive.

  • Part of your existing website — With a few snippets of code the calculator appears on your website. There is no awkward transition to a third-party site.
  • Instant results — The business completes a few data fields, submits, and sees a report of the estimated tax credits.
  • Flexible data entry — Businesses can test how different wages, turnover rates, hiring plans, or purchases will affect their potential tax credit.
  • Shared results — Reports can be saved or printed to share with others or include in a proposal.
  • Updates — Annual license includes any formula updates stemming from legislative changes (minimum wage, sales tax rate, etc.) for the life of the account.


  • Vouchering requests — Custom addition—print voucher requests for potential eligible employees.
  • Searchable database of EZ Addresses — Type in your address to confirm if your business (or potential business location) is located within the EZ boundaries and eligible for tax credits and other incentives.
  • Customization — EZcalculator can be customized to accommodate unique design requirements or additional local incentives; contact us for a quote.
  • Other states — Contact us if you are interested in developing an incentive calculator outside the State of California.

More Information

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