Google Ads

Low-cost, low-risk online advertising


  • Capture more web traffic than through search engines alone
  • Drive users deeper into your website
  • Discover “magic phrases” that motivate your audience


Google Adwords are those short text ads that appear on search pages and third-party websites. Advertisers only pay when users click their ad, so there’s little risk in trying them. The CompetitiveReady partners can help you craft a more effective economic development ad to drive a targeted audience to your site. 

  • Writing — Write and refine message based on audience response
  • Keywords — Match keywords and message to landing page
  • Low budget — Set up campaigns in line with monthly budget
  • Testing — Run multiple campaigns and do A/B testing of content
  • Targeting — Target audiences by geographic area
  • Results — Measure effectiveness based on time spent on site, number of pages per visit, exit page, or other appropriate metrics.


  • Landing page development — Visitors are more likely to stay on your website when the ad lands on a page that matches the promise of the ad.

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