Measuring Impact: Impact Analysis for Economic Development

Computer modeling to determine the economic impact of businesses in your community


  • Communicate economic value of a prospect
  • Determine appropriate incentive package 
  • Measure return on investment for economic development program
  • Support fund raising and program development


This customized model is a project-based application tailored for economic development. It evaluates the net impact that a new or existing business may have on your economy  with economic mulitpliers specific to your location. It uses information about the operations of a business or group of businesses to estimate direct and total economic and revenue impacts. In addition to measuring the impact of traditional industries, the Impact Analysis can measure the effects of tourism events and attractions (e.g., hosting a Super Bowl).

Questions that this tool can answer:

  • How many jobs are affected by this company or event? 
  • How are other local industries affected?
  • How much will total wages change, and how does this change contribute to consumer demand? 
  • How much additional nonresidential space will be supported?
  • What new state and local tax revenues witll be generated? 
  • What is the overall contribution of this company to the local economy?


  • Regional Project Assessment System (RPAS) analyzes economic impacts for regions and states
  • Community Project Assessment System (CPAS) analyzes fiscal impacts for individual communities

More Information

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