Industry Targeting

Identification of best-fit industries


  • Focus business recruitment and expansion efforts
  • Hone marketing strategy to match industry needs
  • Enhance community assets and mitigate weaknesses


The result is a profile of basic industries to target for business recruitment and expansion. Basic industries are those that bring new wealth into the local economy.

  • Economic base analysis — Analysis of local and regional industry growth at 6-digit NAICS level, and benchmarking with growth trends of a larger region.
  • Industry trends screening — Narrow the list to those with the best potential for future growth; factors include local growth rate, high capacity utilization rates nationally, quality jobs/wages, location quotient. Organize industries into target clusters.
  • Compatibility screening — Eliminate industries based on limiting factors discovered during Asset Scorecard process—can infrastructure, sites and buildings, support services, policies and incentives support the industries identified through secondary analysis?
  • Niche and emerging sectors — Informed analysis by industry experts to identify sectors that don’t show up through data analysis alone.
  • Industry intelligence — For each targeted industry cluster, we provide:
    – Industry profile
    – Typical project pro forma
    – Priority location factors
    – Key occupations
    – Source geographics


In special situations, you may benefit from these additional targeting services:

  • Skill sets — Find industries that use similar skill sets as existing labor force. Example: Applying auto workers’ skills to new industries.
  • Unique capabilities — Find targets based on unique site capabilities. Example: Finding high energy users to fill a site with incredible energy capabilities.
  • Comparative advantages — Identify your area’s competitive advantage against a competing geographic region or state.

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