Marketing Pieces and Maps

Design and production of printed and electronic materials


  • Drive prospects to your website
  • Build recognition based on key messages
  • Provide hard data desired by site selectors
  • Respond to inquiries


With site consultants and creative staff on the same team, we are well positioned to translate your messages into unique materials without losing site of the overall objective.

Brochures, Fliers, Direct Mail

Print matter still has a place in the electronic world, as evidenced by the fact that prospects often print hard copies of web pages for their files. Typical pieces include:

  • Quality of life/community brochure
  • Development opportunities
  • Property sheets / business parks
  • Retail and downtown data
  • Postcard campaigns (new locations, services, events)

Email Marketing

Email campaigns can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of printed materials. Like social media, they have the advantage of immediacy—one click gets prospects to your website. Relevant, useful mailings will reduce opt-outs.

  • “Postcard” announcements
  • Newsletters


Maps were the most desired web content in a survey of economic development users that we conducted. In the later stages of site selection, maps are used to glean everything from access to workforce issues. Popular maps include:

  • Global (your area’s global perspective)
  • National (your area’s position in the U.S., including major routes and drive times)
  • Regional/local (more detailed transportation including arterial highways and rail)
  • Retail market (including drive time)
  • Laborshed (showing distance from which your area draws its labor force)

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