Operating cost comparisons customized for location and industry


  • Generate cost estimates unique to each prospect’s parameters
  • Post compelling data on your website
  • Run a reality check on your marketing message
  • Create a call to action (“request a cost comparison”)


MetroComp is an interactive tool that estimates operating costs for industries in your area and compares them with costs in competing areas. Users can enter specific variables related to their operations, choose from a list of locations, and generate a report comparing costs for employees, utilities, real estate, and property taxes. This is not an off-the-shelf product—you determine what metro areas and target industries to highlight, and the database is built around those parameters.

  • Easy to use; requires little or no training.
  • Summary report plus detailed report for each factor:
    • Employment Costs include occupational wage rates, fringe benefits
    • Utilities include electricity, gas, water, and sewer
    • Sites/Buildings include lease rates/purchase costs, annual payments based on square footage and acreage
    • Property tax rate based on real and personal property
  • Data is preloaded and customized to your area.


  • Basic 10 — Your metro area plus 9 comparative metro areas of your choice
  • Additional metro areas — Upon request
  • Non-metro areas — Based on size and availability

More Information

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