The Site Selectors Guild 1st Annual Excellence in Economic Development Awards

JANUARY, 2011 (Chicago, IL) – The membership of The Site Selectors Guild (Guild) today announced the winners of the first annual Excellence in Economic Development Awards. The Guild awards recognize individuals and organizations for their contributions to investment attraction and job creation in their respective communities.

Site Selectors Guild membership will honor winners at an Awards Dinner taking place in conjunction with the Site Selectors Guild Conference, January 22-24th in Orlando, Florida.
“We are thrilled at this opportunity to formally recognize economic development professionals that are important to the site selection field,” said Don Schjeldahl of The Austin Company and Guild Award Committee Chair. “Without the efforts of economic development professionals it would be virtually impossible for site selectors to do our job.”
Economic development project partners sometimes go far beyond the call of duty,” added Schjeldahl, “When this occurs goods things generally result for the community, the site selector and corporate clients. It’s time site selectors acknowledge these good works and that is the intent of the awards.”
Guild members believe these folks don’t get the credit they deserve,” said Robert Ady of Ady International Company and President of the Guild. “This is an extremely competitive industry, so when we come across organizations and teams who do extraordinary work, we truly appreciate their professionalism.”
The Guild Awards are comprised of five categories defined using a formula involving population size and jurisdictional responsibilities. The Awards recognize best practice work in the following segments; Small Town EDO (economic development organization), County EDO, Metropolitan Area EDO, State EDO, and Special Jurisdiction EDO.
There is a sixth category, the President’s Award that is presented by the standing Guild president at the annual conference. The winner of the 2012 President Award will be presented by Robert Ady, president of Ady International Company, at the January 23rd award dinner in Orlando.
The winners of the 2012 Guild Awards are:

Category                        Winner

Small Town EDO             Floyd Akers, Executive Director, Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

County EDO                     Terry Murphy, Vice President , Economic Development Muncie-Delaware County ED Alliance

Metro EDO                       Mark Herbison, Senior Vice President, Economic Development Greater Memphis Chamber

State EDO                        Christopher Chung, Chief Executive Officer, Missouri Partnership

Special Jurisdiction EDO 2012 Co-winners     

  • Tim Tidwell, Target Market Coordinator, TVA Economic Development Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Brenda Pfeiffer, Project Manager, Tennessee Dept. of Economic & Community Development

President’s Award            Brenda Hicks-Sorensen, Vice President of Economic & Community Development, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

About the Excellence in Economic Development Awards

The mission of The Site Selectors Guild is to advance the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting the site selection profession and providing education, networking and other services to those involved in the site selection industry. The award program supports this mission by:

  1. Promoting positive interaction between the site selector profession and Economic Development Organizations (EDO) for the purpose of exchanging ideas
  2. Encouraging innovation by highlighting what site selectors recognize as EDO best practices
  3. Introducing and advancing high standards for the site selector profession
Guild members draw on their experiences in working with EDOs to highlight, in a nomination process, how an EDO “made a difference” during the course of a site selection project. A special Guild committee reviews the nominations and selects winners who made a significant difference in the lives of the people involved in the project and the community as a whole. Principles being honored include:
  • Ingenuity and caring
  • Mastery of process
  • Going above and beyond
  • Political acumen
  • Personal, caring touch

About The Site Selectors Guild

The Site Selectors Guild is a professional association comprised of the world’s most respected site selection consultants. The mission of The Site Selectors Guild is to advance the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting the profession and providing education, networking and other services to those involved in the industry.
All members of The Site Selectors Guild have been nominated and approved by their industry peers. As the first and only group of its kind, the Site Selectors Guild brings together a dynamic network of site selectors from around the world, combining their talent and expertise to create an invaluable resource, unmatched in its quality, for both corporations seeking site selection assistance and economic development organizations.
Founded in 2010 by twelve internationally acclaimed site selectors, The Guild facilitates direct contact between corporations seeking guidance in facility placement and qualified site selection practitioners.