Perception Interviews

Confidential interviews to assess business climate


  • Understand what local employers value and what challenges they face
  • Discover gaps between internal and external perceptions of the business climate
  • Match marketing messages to your core strengths
  • Get on the radar of site selectors and developers


Local business leaders provide the best insight to an area’s competitiveness for business growth. Through confidential phone interviews with a cross-section of business sectors, we will document their observations about operating in the community. Budget permitting, we can also seek an outside perspective.

  • Businesses can be more forthcoming when interviewed by an impartial third party from outside the area.
  • For local employers, they will see how much you want to improve the local business climate and that you consider them a valued partner for economic development
  • For the external audiences, it is a soft marketing approach and very effective to show that you value their opinions


  • External Perspective – We have extensive contacts with site location consultants and real estate brokers who can offer an outside perspective on your area. This can be a real eye-opener for the community while also putting your area in the sights of a target audience.

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