Renewable Energy Primer

A “New Energy Economy” is blossoming that will dominate economic development for decades to come. As the frenetic pace of new-energy’s early stage gives way to a more deliberate consideration of supply chain and markets, competition for attracting new investment continues to intensify. This workshop provides the knowledge foundation needed to create an economic development strategy that focuses on real opportunities for your community.

Who Should Attend?

  • Economic development practitioners, board members, community administrators, and elected officials who are interested in attracting investment
  • Business people interested in getting work
  • Utility representatives seeking to more effectively serve community and business interests

You Will Learn

  • Sectors of the New Energy Economy defined including solar, wind, bio-fuels, geo-thermal, smart grid, storage, and yes, even “clean coal”
  • Structure of sector supply chains including R&D, raw materials, components, core products, system design/installation and maintenance
  • Market forecasts and the prospects for disruptive technologies by sector
  • Geographic patterns, current and future, for new investment from sector supply chains
  • Relative importance of location factors including labor force, utilities, transportation, market development, education, R&D
  • Role of Federal stimulus money, Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), state and federal energy policies, smart grid demonstration projects


Half Day

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