Why Competitive Ready?

Rapid response is critical in today's market

Attract Investment

1-2-3 stepsA CompetitiveReady community means a “green light” for site selectors. The designation certifies that the right preparation has been completed and the community is “ready” for new investment, with a workforce, sites for development, incentive and financing programs, and other key components in place. The CompetitiveReady designation speeds the decision timeline for site selection.

Respond to Market Changes

A CompetitiveReady community has a documented economic development strategy in place to respond to the market now and in the future. As the recent recession has shown, outside influences can change the face of business and the types of industries that are growing or emerging from an economic shift. Through strategic planning, competitive communities adapt to these changes.

Focus on Sectors

CompetitiveReady communities use marketing resources more efficiently and can realize a faster return on investment by defining industry targets based on local assets. They may even look to establish themselves as “the center” for respective industry targets.